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My deck for this week is the Dark Grimoire by Lo Scarabeo. It has quite a dark feel so it will be interesting to see how it reads for everyday situations.

I thought I’d start the week with some dark proverbs to get a flavour of this deck.

Qualities  – 9 of Pentacles: seclusion, lonely path, a defensive castle, a refuge.

Verbs – High Priestess: power, holding secrets,  keeping sacred words, guarding magic, challenging seekers.

Objects – Chariot: transport, wild horses, whip, frenzy, reins.

One lone figure on all these cards…

Putting them together gives me:

Holding secrets is a lonely path requiring reins.

Guarding magic is like finding a refuge for wild horses.

Seclusion keeps sacred words from being transported.

An interesting mix! My personal favourite is guarding magic is like finding refuge for wild horses. It hints at the power inherent in everything. It can be compared to trying to tame nature itself. There is only so much restraining which can be done. The power will eventually seep out.

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Qualities – The Empress: Growth, creative, expansive, life-affirming, abundance, bounty, beneficence, matriachal

Verbs – Temperance: Measuring, moderating, blending, mixing, balancing

Objects – The Moon: Dreams, illusions, the night, the subconscious, primal, cycles, the dark

Putting them together gives me:

Measure growth in dreams

Creativity blends with the subconscious

Balance expansive illusions

Bounty moderates the night

Abundant illusions come in nightly cycles

I like measure growth in dreams. It sounds positive – what better yardstick than your dreams? Which ones have you attained? Which ones are still on your list to achieve? How different would life be if countries measured how well they had met their citizens’ dreams? This of course, would be wonderful if we all had the same dreams. However, this is not the case. People’s dreams for a happy life are different in the details although they may share a core – a dream of peace, happiness for their family, clean water, food to eat, enough money to live comfortably, religious and political freedom. How does our country fare in helping its people achieve those core aims? Some seem to do it more successfully than others.

Abundant illusions come in nightly cycles makes me smile. My nightly dreams are certainly abundant and most definitely have the quality of illusions. The question is, are my daytime dreams really any less outlandish sometimes? This little proverb also hints to me the role of sleep in helping us sort through the events of the day. Often my dreams will pinpoint something I’m not seeing clearly. My illusions manifest in glorious technicolor, fully realised and vivid. Of course, when I wake up I see how ridiculous they are. Honest. 🙂









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Time for some more tarot proverbs to round off the week.
I think these will become a regular fixture as I rotate through the different decks. It will be interesting to see how they compare. 🙂

Qualities – 6 of disks: helpfulness, compassion, generosity, concern, thoughtfulness

Verbs –  Ace of Disks: beginning, planting, creating, grounding, making, building

Objects – The Hermit : solitude, wisdom, loneliness, retreat, introspection, illumination, ruminating.

Taking an element from each card gives me:

Helpfulness plants wisdom

Compassion builds illumination

Generosity grounds loneliness

Concern creates introspection

Thoughtfulness makes solitude

The one which stands out for me today is generosity grounds loneliness. When we are feeling lonely, it can be so hard to reach out to other people. We imagine that we must be lonely for a reason – nobody likes to spend time with us. So we then retreat a little further. This proverb indicates that the act of reaching out to others helps to stabilize these feelings. We cannot be so focused on our loneliness when we are helping others.

I also quite like thoughtfulness makes solitude. It reminds me of the times when I just want to think and ruminate on something and so I seek time to myself. In fact, wanting to ponder over things creates a necessary solitude. It can be hard to make thoughtful, considered judgements when you just can’t seem to find the time to think.

The two proverbs highlight the tussle between the necessity for quiet, reflective, solitary periods and making sure that we do not retreat too far from others.


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Cat Wisdom

I decided to have a bit of fun with the cards today. I didn’t really feel like giving myself a reading as such and so, inspired by the Quirkeries blog which has been using Italian proverb cards recently, have created some proverbs.

First card

High Priestess – Qualities: silence, contemplation, intuition, knowledge, secrets, initiation, sacred, veiling.

Second card

7 of Chalices – Verbs: dreaming, choosing, hoping, fantasizing, desiring.

Third card

The Magician – Object: power, skills, resources, magic, creation, manifestation.

Taking an element from each card gives me:

Silence hopes for power.

Secrets dream of manifestation.

Knowledge chooses skills.

Intuition desires resources.

I quite like silence hopes for power. It makes me think of all those times we keep quiet maybe for fear of offending someone, and wonder if our silence has any power at all. By keeping quiet, how can the object of displeasure know that we are upset? It is easy to ignore something which makes no sound. On a deeper level, it could refer to that ‘still, small voice within’ which we can only hear when the chatter of our mind dies down. I can imagine that this voice would wish it had the power to make us hear more strongly.

Secrets dream of manifestation also struck me. There are all these things we keep hidden – our hopes, dreams, fears, feelings. The question is how long we can keep them hidden for. If secrets desire manifestation, eventually they will seep out – perhaps in unexpected ways. Our feelings of disappointment might manifest as anger. Best we take charge and gives these secrets voice.

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