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Cat Wisdom

I decided to have a bit of fun with the cards today. I didn’t really feel like giving myself a reading as such and so, inspired by the Quirkeries blog which has been using Italian proverb cards recently, have created some proverbs.

First card

High Priestess – Qualities: silence, contemplation, intuition, knowledge, secrets, initiation, sacred, veiling.

Second card

7 of Chalices – Verbs: dreaming, choosing, hoping, fantasizing, desiring.

Third card

The Magician – Object: power, skills, resources, magic, creation, manifestation.

Taking an element from each card gives me:

Silence hopes for power.

Secrets dream of manifestation.

Knowledge chooses skills.

Intuition desires resources.

I quite like silence hopes for power. It makes me think of all those times we keep quiet maybe for fear of offending someone, and wonder if our silence has any power at all. By keeping quiet, how can the object of displeasure know that we are upset? It is easy to ignore something which makes no sound. On a deeper level, it could refer to that ‘still, small voice within’ which we can only hear when the chatter of our mind dies down. I can imagine that this voice would wish it had the power to make us hear more strongly.

Secrets dream of manifestation also struck me. There are all these things we keep hidden – our hopes, dreams, fears, feelings. The question is how long we can keep them hidden for. If secrets desire manifestation, eventually they will seep out – perhaps in unexpected ways. Our feelings of disappointment might manifest as anger. Best we take charge and gives these secrets voice.


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Thinking too much?

Something to think about2 of Wands

This cat is thinking about his plan. He’s gazing out over the battlements of his castle working out his next strategy. This cat represents me – thinking, formulating, working out where to put my energies….The big question is whether or not I am thinking too much. I have a tendency to paralyse myself quite effectively into non-action while I try and come up with the perfect plan, analysing every possible permutation.

Something to do – 4 of Chalices

I need to have a moping about and wallowing day! 🙂 Alternatively, I could use the dissatisfaction I feel as a springboard into something else. I need to look carefully at where these feelings are coming from, making sure not to replicate the circumstances which created them in my new beginning.

Something to love – Knight of Wands

I love this image of a cat riding a fox! It is bursting with energy and drive. I need to love this passion inside myself and use it to act quickly. This cat is just what is needed to stop the moping and thinking and actually get going with something.

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Inside and Out

This morning I was reflecting on what message I project outwards to other people. Does it match what is going on inside? For example, if my inner thoughts are focusing on a particular goal, would other people know that? If not, how can I bring the two elements together? It will be hard to change the future to match my desires if I’m not projecting that.

Cue the Inside/Outside spread. 🙂

What is inside? Knave of Swords

Our cat sits in a rocky landscape, tail curled round the sword, gazing into the distance. It is focused on something which we cannot see or perhaps it is just wondering what it is going to do with the sword it has been given. Swords can represent ideas and communication. I have a tool but I’m still in the early stages of working out what to do with it. It ties in with my writing project. However, like the cat, I’m not moving anywhere with it – I’m sitting down and thinking about it!

What is outside? 9 of Pentacles

Here is a cat who has made it in the world – self-sufficient with a feeling of accomplishment. To anyone on the outside looking at my life, this would seem to be an accurate picture. I have a good career, have achieved some important goals and have financial independence. And yet…

Comparing it with the previous card, the garden is lush while the first cat sits in a barren landscape. One an inner level, I want to start afresh…to grow something new. Yes, that garden is beautiful and comfortable but I’m looking out for something else. Not something more but something different.

What can be done to blend the two? 6 of Chalices

Here we have a line of cups showing things picked from my garden. It is telling me not to throw away everything I have grown so far but instead to carry those things forward. The happy memories of the past need to come with me so I can put them in that cauldron and start to blend something new. This is the only card which has an inside setting. There is some inner work to be done.The older cat looks like it is instructing the kitten. The relevance of my teaching experience should not be discounted in my new project. Instead, I can embrace and use those skills in a new way.


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Carpe Diem

What opportunity can I seize today? 4 of Wands

This is a lovely card depicting a relaxed gathering of cats sharing favourite treats. The card relates very clearly to an informal class I’m running this evening. It is with a group of people I know well and I have decided to go with a tarot theme. I am feeling slightly nervous about it but the warmth of this card makes me feel a lot better.

What will be the reward? 10 of Pentacles

This is an unexpected card to see here as there is no financial transaction involved in the class. We each take it in turns to teach each other about something. Perhaps this card is suggesting that I could use it as a springboard into creating a stable and abundant life. These cats have gold collars! Will this class end up being just the beginning? Maybe I could run a set of classes based on tarot…


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Goldfish or Rat?

Today’s spread is taken from Rachel Pollack’s ‘Tarot Wisdom’ book.

What lies in the deep? 2 of Pentacles

Here we have a cat in a pointy hat with two whirling options in front of his chessboard – a goldfish in a bowl or a rat. The sea behind looks quite choppy although the cat seems to be maintaining equilibrium. There are strong emotional currents at work. I will need to use strategy to try and pin down my best option in a time of flux and change. It feels like things are still in motion, the future isn’t quite set. Those two options are still swirling around in the ether.

What stirs it awake? The High Priestess

The cat from the previous card looks at the High Priestess with a look that seems to say ‘I know what you’re up to. I’ve pinned this one down…is it the right choice?’ The High Priestess sits passively – she already knows what will occur because she has experienced it before. There is deep spiritual link to the current process. An inner teaching is presenting itself. There is something in my present circumstances which does feel very familiar. Deep down, I know what I should do but worry about making the right choice.

What will it reveal? 5 of Swords

In the background of the card are a black cat and a white cat who are both walking away in opposite directions. They take the place of the curtains in the previous card. Our cat is now a mixture of black and white and a strange energy swirls around it. There will be a victory (I’ve collected the knives which were out to stab me) but the consequences may be unexpected. Choosing the right option will be difficult as it will mean letting go of something else which may be equally cherished.

What will be the effect? The World

The shape of the wreath around The World echoes the shape around our two swirling objects in the first card. Our fish and rat are now placed in the corners and are joined by a bird and salamander. The dream and reality of the cat match perfectly. They have manifested their goal which brings a sense of completion. Things have eventually turned out in the way they had hoped. This card seems to suggest that the previous one is actually revealing my fear – that choosing one thing will be at the cost of another. The World suggests I can have both and more.

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Paws for thought

New week, new deck – this time it’s Tarot of Pagan Cats by Lo Scarabeo. I was going to put these cards up for trade on Aeclectic Tarot as I wasn’t sure if they were quite me. For the first time in ages, I used the random number generator to pick my deck this week and lo and behold it chose the Pagan Cats. I think the kitties want a chance to prove themselves. 🙂

Knight of Chalices – King of Swords – 7 of Chalices

Here we have a draw of two water cards flanking an air card. The first thing I notice is the different positions of the cats. I love how the Knight of Chalices is perched on the back of the turtle and looking out towards his kin. There seems to be a little white kitten stuck in one of the gold cups! The Knight is on an emotional journey – searching for something to complete his romantic vision of life.

The King of Swords lies between him and his goal, his tail curled round the sword in unspoken challenge. He lies at the top of a rocky mountain and speaks of an arduous climb. Only someone worthy will be able to get to the top and claim the sword from him. Our Knight will need to seek him out to get the best advice.

The 7 of Chalices represents the dreams and desires we work towards. The cat is dreaming happily of all the things cats love – but which one should be focused on? The link of the two white cats suggests that this is the key element. There is a reminder here not to spend too much time dreaming – the focus of the sword king is needed to cut through the dream fog.  Time to wake up from the slumber, choose the right option and head for the rocky mountain path to get the expertise needed to accomplish it.


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