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Out with the old…

Lately, I have been considering changing my broadband provider. A few issues have been niggling and I’m wondering if it is time to sort it out.ย  So, as I keep changing my mind, I decided to look and see what the Soprafino would suggest. ๐Ÿ™‚

Question: Should I change my broadband provider?

Card 1 – me in relation to the question – Death

The Devil one day, Death the next! This card is actually incredibly apt for this position in my spread. I’m literally looking at ‘cutting off’ my current provider – the death of an old situation. The reaper is busy collecting treasures with his scythe and I suppose that my concern is that I might lose things that are precious to me in the switch. However, if I harvest carefully, I can overcome this.

Card 2 – the new broadband provider – Ten of Cups

Tens speak of completion and this ten in particular, relates to a feeling of wholeness. It seems that the new provider may well offer an emotionally satisfying alternative. The way the cups are stacked makes me think that they will find a way to list all the ways they can match my current provider, while the larger cup at the top is their trump.

Card 3 – the interaction between us – Five of Coins

A repeat card from earlier. This five is all about balance and union. It brings a partnership based on diplomacy. I would interpret this as suggesting that our relationship would be an amicable one which brings mutual benefit.


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First reading of the week with the Soprafino and I decided to ask a concrete question rather than go for a general advice spread. There has been some excited talk over on Aeclectic about a new Russian Lenormand deck. I rather like the look of it but am torn between the desire for a new deck and the realisation that I already have many decks – do I really need another one?

So my question was:

Should I buy this new Russian Lenormand?

I pulled 3 cards – one to represent me, one to represent this new deck and one to represent the interaction between us.

Card 1 – the Querent – 5 of Coins

This card, being a 5, represents one of the ‘marriage’ numbers. The pentad is at the centre of the Tetractys and is fluid, accommodating and flexible. This is just like me when it comes to new decks – my door is always open! The coins are also an obvious reference to money and indicate that I am willing to be flexible with my finances to purchase new decks.

Card 2 – the Quesited – XX Il Giudizio

This is an interesting representation for this Lenormand deck. It looks like it might provide me with a wake-up call. This deck has the potential to give a fresh perspective on Lenormand and give that feeling ofย  ‘rebirth’. It might also bring out judgemental tendencies – do I like the cardstock? Is it disappointing in the hands after seeing the scans? Will I like it more or less than my other lenormands?

Card 3 – The interaction between them – Il Diavolo

๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes you just have to laugh at the cards that come up! The devil speaks of being a slave to passions and addictions. I am in thrall to the siren song of a new, beautiful deck to add to my collection. Perhaps I’m better off resisting this one for a while…

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For the last few weeks, I have been taking part in the Aeclectic Tarot forum’s Deck of the Week group. It is a wonderful way to go through and use a variety of decks in my collection rather than always turning to my top ten.

This week I am using one of my top ten – the Soprafino produced by Il Meneghello. It is a limited edition deck but still seems to be available from Alida stores. I love the feel of the cardstock, the size of the cards and the way the reproduction includes staining. It feels and looks like an incredibly old deck.

One of the things I love most however, is the court cards. They all have different expressions and this helps you to feel that you are dealing with different personalities. In fact all the cards with human figures are wonderfully expressive. I’ve included just a small selection of images with this post.

I’m very much looking forward to working with this deck this week.



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