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Talent and Money

Today’s cards offer a simple message. I focussed on something to think about today and something to do.

Something to think about – The Magician

This card links back to an earlier reading so I need to be aware of those energies at play in my life. Today I need to spend a bit of time thinking about how my creative power is being expressed. What can I achieve through the best use of my skills? Am I using my talents to their full potential?

Something to do – King of Coins

Today is a day to be practical and cautious – especially with my finances. This king is shrewd and symbolises someone who has managed to gather some financial clout. I’m not quite at the stage where I am completely sorted financially but I am slowly getting there. This card could also indicate patience.

Linking it with the first card, the magician looks like he is pointing at the pentacle on the table while the king is holding his up. Do I need to evaluate how I make money? Are there skills I have that would bring me greater reward and comfort? This is an issue that I have been wrestling with for a while now and haven’t quite found the answer to.

Today is my last day with the Sheridan Douglas as I’m moving my focus to the festive season and doing special daily draws related to that. I’ve enjoyed using this deck again with its vibrant colours. It’s definitely one I wouldn’t let go of.


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Tomorrow, I’m going to the cinema to watch the new Sherlock Holmes film. I am curious to see if I will like it or not. I haven’t seen the previous film so I’m a little unsure as to what to expect.

What can I expect from the Sherlock Holmes film tomorrow?

5 of Swords – 4 of Wands – 8 of cups

The 5 of swords looks very bleak. A soldier lies wounded in the dark while knives and eyes are intent on injuring him further. There is a dark, ominous feel to it. Perhaps the film will show the hero in a tight spot, assailed by enemies on all sides. On a more prosaic note, the darkness reminds me of the actual cinema. Is the wounded soldier the film itself, surrounded by a hostile audience?

The 4 of wands shows 4 instruments associated with creativity and the arts. This suggests that I will enjoy the artistry of the film. I tend to be a fan of good cinematography so perhaps I will like the visual aspect of the film. It also suggests that the film has some wit and cleverness. The yellow, white and black colours of the first card reappear here on a green background. The green is suggestive of creativity but the white and black hint at a starkness. The yellow of the soldier is carried forward into the paintbrush and the flute, while the white is linked to the quill. Maybe it is a case of the script killing the atmosphere of the film.

The 8 of cups here implies that while I may enjoy certain aspects of the film, a part of me will want to leave the cinema. 🙂 I will report back tomorrow…


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For the next week, I will be using the 2006 edition of the Sheridan Douglas tarot. I have a bit of a soft spot for tarot decks from the seventies and eighties – something about the colours and art style just really appeals. Perhaps it is because they remind me of some of my favourite childhood cartoons.

Today I decided to do a simple 3 card spread with a bit of a Christmas shopping theme – a wish, a gift and a return.

The Wish – What I am hoping for – 8 of Cups

Here we see a man leaving his cups behind and heading over the bridge to a new beginning. This card is very apt. The dark colours give a feeling of melancholy. I do want to walk away from a particular situation and give myself a fresh start. However, this is not without some sadness and regret at what I would leave behind.  We can’t see what the figure is leaving behind and he is not looking back. In my situation, I wish I could be as resolute.

The Gift – What I get – The Sun

What a great card to see here! The Sun brings joy and happiness. Gone is the darkness – now the light beams down from a benevolent sun while two children dance happily. The wall behind suggests that the children are somewhere safe and protected, away from danger.  I can look forward to a much more positive time ahead.

The Return – What I’ve got that I’d like to return to the shop – The Magician

This card makes me chuckle a little bit. The message here is a double one. One is about my own powers of creativity and ability to make the circumstances I find myself in. It is a little reminder that I’m where I am at present because I chose to be. I changed career, went back to college and created a new path for myself.

The second message is to do with the Magician’s less pleasant side. Sometimes, he just likes to show off or use sly little tricks. It can be about showmanship – like a dodgy salesman sweet-talking you into buying a dud.

I find myself in a situation that is not what I thought it was and now wish I could hand it back.

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