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This will be my last draw for a while with Dame Fortune as it’s time to rotate decks again. I’ve already extended my use of this deck by a week and really should go and use others in my collection. But oh how I will miss it! I love the vibrancy of the artwork and fluidity with which it reads. This is a deck I want to spend serious time with in the future. Once my ‘Deck of the Week’ project is finished, I can see myself working with this particular deck for an extended length of time.

Knave of Swords – The Star – The Empress

The Knave of Swords stands for observation – it shows someone or a situation which is being examined closely. If I follow his eye-line, it rests on The Empress who appears to be ignoring what is happening behind her by resolutely staring straight ahead. The Star in the middle has ducked down out of view and is unobserved by either party flanking him. There is distance and the feeling that the Empress is somehow unobtainable to the Knave. He is looking at her closely but she is out of his reach and not looking back.

The message these cards give is very pertinent to me. There is a particular desire that I am watching closely but which is currently out of my reach. It seems completely unobtainable and, like the Star is unobserved, I’m struggling to see hope in the situation. However, the presence of the Star reassures me that there is hope – I’m just struggling to see it at the moment.









The Portable Fortitude card for today is Protection from Structural Collapse. It makes me thinks of all those times we try really hard to be strong and keep it all together. In fact,  I’m perilously close to a possible collapse especially in my emotional life and of a long-cherished dream. I need to check my foundations and make sure I have adequate support to prevent my house from crumbling.


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King of Cups – The Devil – Four of Swords

The King of Cups represents a powerful man who is accomplished in arts or science. He is looking at The Devil who is an embodiment of the things which can easily lead us astray. This has to be one of the most benign looking devils. There is something quite comical and unthreatening about him. I suppose the things which can lead us astray often are seemingly innocent. He lies next to the Four of Swords which shows a retreat or position of isolation.

This trio remind me of a couple of stories in the news recently – both about men in power who find themselves compromised by their  ‘addictions’ and then are abandoned. I can think of several cases where those people were forced to retire from their positions.  Is there something inevitable about the process of accumulating power and then falling from grace? I’d like to think not, sometimes it is very easy for the media to latch onto something and sensationalise it.









The Portable Fortitude card for today is protection from the impending flood. This is one of my favourite cards in the deck! Its end-of-the-world style message just brings a smile to my face. I think many people in the situation described above would love to have this type of protection. Protection from the media storm and flood of attention and scrutiny would be very welcome.

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Knave of Batons – Queen of Swords – Knight of Batons

There is a sense of expectation with these cards. The Queen is looking towards the Knave of Batons who represents a stranger or something extraordinary. The Queen is a powerful but independent woman who may be self-employed. This pairing have come up before quite recently so I can see that there is some importance to this message which may not have been processed yet. I can see myself as this Queen waiting for something extraordinary to happy to improve my mundane situation.

While the Knave represents a coming messenger, the Knight refers to a departure. So in this group there is the expectation of something, the arrival of which will lead to a departure. The extraordinary event (represented by the gold baton the knave carries) will be taking by the knight and shared with others. There is also a deeper message for me. Do I want to keep waiting expectantly for an amazing event to transform my life? Perhaps I should jump straight on that horse and ride anyway.










The Portable Fortitude card for today is Protection from Cynicism. Another extremely appropriate card as I will be spending a chunk of today in a meeting discussing important changes. I will need to be on guard against my own cynical tendencies as well as those of others.

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Queen of Coins – Knight of Cups – Seven of Batons

The Queen of Coins shows a woman of wealth and confidence. The coins suit is associated with the old Cardinal Virtue Prudence and this Queen certainly seems to portray that quality. Prudence was said to have the gift of seeing the past, present and future and had knowledge of what was good, what was bad and what was neither. The Knight of Cups signals an arrival. Something is on its way! The Seven of Batons is a card of discussion and can indicate negotiation of some type.

These cards are telling me to expect something which brings animated discussion. Whether it is good or bad or neither is not clear so we’ll have to wait and see.









My Portable Fortitude card for the day is Protection from heartbreak which is quite self-explanatory. There is nothing that I am expecting to cause heartbreak but perhaps this is linked to the Dame Fortune draw. Something is on its way and it might be upsetting.


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Ten of Swords – The Tower – Five of Batons

Uh oh! Two cards which you generally don’t want to appear in a reading. 🙂 The Ten of Swords brings tears and sorrow while The Tower suggests a coming disaster. It doesn’t sound too good! However, at the end of the sequence we have the Five of Batons which represents wealth.

This trio remind me of times in the past where I’ve experienced grief and the foundations of my world have been rocked. At the end of the turbulence, I eventually gained something – whether it was a new understanding of myself or a forced change of direction which led to greater satisfaction. These cards seem to refer to a good friend who is currently experiencing their Tower moment. It remains to be seen if they also hint at a troubling situation for me.









The Portable Fortitude card for today is Protection from dangers only dogs sense. I need to examine my circumstances carefully for hidden threats. I think about the meaning of this message and what it is that dogs can sense that we can’t. They have a superior sense of smell and hearing and stories abound of their ability to predict earthquakes and storms. I think back to my own dogs and remember occasions where our placid Labrador would take a dislike to someone. Perhaps I should offer to look after a dog for a week. 🙂

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Significator – The Empress – Queen of Cups

This significator card is stalking me…it has come up so often, despite me pulling cards randomly, that I feel it is like an exclamation mark to the reading. It points out that this is important and I’d better pay attention!

The Empress and the Queen of Cups sit opposite each other in identical poses. Each is carrying something which confirms their identity. The Empress seems to be surrounded by simplicity – everything she has points to her function. The Queen of Cups is surrounded by drapes of fabric and her throne curves around looking more comfortable and supportive.

The Empress represents the power to care for a wider range of people – she is charitable and kind to those under her protection. The Queen of Cups is a devoted woman who is also wise and honest. Both are in a powerful position to influence the lives of many others. They point to stepping into a larger role which will benefit more people. Time to define my ‘kingdom’ and work out how to best help those within it.









I’ve decided to also use the Portable Fortitude Playing Cards. They are a self-published deck made by Corina Dross which I came across on Etsy. Each card has their playing symbol together with a message concerning what you need protection from. Today’s card is Ace of Clubs – Protection from Self-Sabotage. I couldn’t have picked anything more appropriate! Why do we have this tendency to sabotage our own efforts at improvement? I can think of several examples over the last few weeks where I have allowed myself to be distracted by something meaningless instead of working towards changes to improve my life. The inner critic lurks in the background like the snake on the card and strikes with words that linger. ‘There’s no point trying to change anything. How would you get another job – you’re too expensive to employ now! There’s no point dreaming of publishing your book, very few people get their work published these days.’ On and on it goes!  I’ll place this card somewhere I will see it regularly to remind myself to get on and go for my dreams.

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