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Qualities – Eight of Cups: fresh start, withdrawal, seclusion, reflective, seeking, leaving behind.

Verbs – Six of Wands: triumphing, celebrating, succeeding, achieving, acclaiming, cheering.

ObjectsTen of Cups: joy, happiness, contentment, relationship, harmony, connection.

Putting them together gives me:

Withdrawal achieves connection

Fresh start cheers relationships

Leaving behind celebrates joy

Seeking acclaims contentment

The one which stands out is withdrawal achieves connection. It sounds like one of those philosophical statements which don’t quite make sense. Surely, if you are withdrawing, you are not connecting with anyone? In a way, this is true but a connection which can be forged by withdrawal is your connection to yourself. Sometimes we need a break from the hub-bub of life, to spend time with ourselves and work out who we really are. We can connect with our essential self which may be very different from our public persona.

Fresh start cheers relationships reminds me of the importance of allowing ourselves to start anew in relationships. There is no point holding onto the old baggage, dragging it up in every argument. Perhaps we should approach our relationships with others with that sense of newness each day. This is a hard task when the relationship in question is difficult and full of old wounds. In this case, is our fresh start walking away and beginning again with someone else?

These proverbs seem to be more perplexing and less obvious than the previous ones. It seems to fit with the character of this deck though.








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What impulse should I act on? Four of Cups

At first glance, this seem likes a curious card for an impulse I should act on. Should I spend some time wallowing over all the rubbish life throws at me, forgetting to acknowledge all the good things? In fact, it is asking me to examine this feeling and use it as a vehicle for change. When I catch myself moping and focusing on the negatives, I need to look up and see that there is an alternative boat I can hop on.

What impulse should I ignore? Magian

The first thing which strikes me with this ‘Magian’ (a title deliberately chosen by Julia Turk) is the mask he holds in his hand.  His head is also not attached to his body. I can see here a warning about not following the Magian’s lead in creating a different persona which can be taken on and off at will. It is important for my psyche to remain firmly attached to the rest of me. I cannot let the creative will of the Magian lead me astray and lose sight of my purpose. Where possible, I should avoid trying to be a bit too clever.











Oracle of the Radiant Sun gives me Practicality for today. This card represents the energies expressed by the Moon in Capricorn. It suggest recognition for work done or help to advance my career by a successful woman. I should look out for opportunities for public recognition.


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This week I have decided to use Navigators of the Mystic SEA published by U.S. Games Systems. The artwork, created by Julia Turk, is wonderfully abstract and dream-like.

I have decided to use it this morning to help me interpret a rather bizarre dream I had last night. In a nutshell, it was about a large house which was haunted by a figure who only came to visit once per year. Unfortunately, a new family had moved next-door and didn’t realise that this happened. They find themselves inside the house, trapped with the owners trying to placate the ghost with all the rituals it needs.

What is the connection between this dream and my waking reality? King of Wands

A cloaked figure stands holding a torch, his head covered by a hat which looks like fire and lightning strikes by his foot. There seems to be an indication of great power which needs to be earthed in a productive manner.  The ghost in the dream could represent powerful memories of my past which need to be grounded and worked with creatively. It is coming up to the anniversary of my Father’s death which provokes powerful emotions each year. It is a time when I do find myself doing some type of ritual act in his memory just like the figures in the dream.

What is my subconscious trying to tell me? Sun

The word ‘basking’ comes to mind when I look at this card. It evokes that feeling of lying in the sun, enjoying the warmth of its rays on your skin. There are symbols of fire and water in this card. The torch of the previous card is now a blazing sun offering further illumination. There is a balance between emotional reflection and active doing. The figure lying down, is holding a quill and paper which suggest some time to write and reflect would be beneficial. It is time to bring those memories to the full light of day and use them to gain clarity.











My card for the day using Oracle of the Radiant Sun is Negotiation.

It represents Jupiter in Libra and indicates a time when a decision needs to be made. There will need to be some weighing up of the pros and cons and some negotiation to ensure everyone is happy.


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