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Truth and Justice

Another 2 card reading for today with the Mary-el.

Justice and 2 of Swords

Justice gazes dispassionately at the figure in the 2 of Swords. It reminds me of those insects which get pinioned by collectors and placed in display cases. There appear to be two creatures – one with dark wings and one dragonfly who appears to be free to move.

Justice holds her feather, ready to weigh and make a judgement. There is a black snake curled round her arm which she is covering with her hand. She is in control of it. The snake has many connotations – wisdom, kundalini or life force. Justice represents Truth and prompts me to examine whether my own heart ‘is as light as a feather’.

The 2 of Swords looks not only like those insects in cases, but the shape also reminds me of lungs (and breath) while the swords themselves bring to mind the Samurai. Thought and words can be weapons for attack or defense. Do we allow ourselves to fly free or do we pin ourselves down in the mistaken illusion that we cannot move? Do we allow our breath to flow freely or are we always holding our breath? Many people don’t take full, deep breaths but breathe shallowly.

Justice is not holding her sword in this card, unlike in other decks. Has her sword been passed to us to wield? Are we embodying universal Truth and Justice or following a very narrow definition – perhaps defined by our culture, time and place? It reminds me of how hard it can be to work out what the ‘right thing’ to do is. Ethics can be a real minefield but despite this, there are many people who have a very sure sense of what constitutes Truth and Justice. For me, there are too many shades of grey between those twin pillars.


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Lightning Strikes!

This week I will be using the Mary-El Tarot created by Marie White and published by Schiffer.

Today I am using a spread from the companion book which looks at the energies I will experience today.

Within (internal thoughts and feelings, my perspective) – Knight of Wands

When I first got the deck and flicked through all the cards, this was one which really stood out for me. In the dark lurks a huge carnivore – what it is we cannot see distinctly – a bear? A panther? We can only see the yellow of his eyes and the lightning flash on his outstretched hand (yes he has human hands!). This Knight is on a quest for Spirit. He is looking for the power of the light to be able to transform the darkness. The way the lightning is held in the palm of his hand makes me think that he more than capable of finding it. He is the bearer of this enormous power. His eyes meet us in a challenge – where do we want this lightning to strike? I can’t help but think of him as something that carries and transmutes the power inherent in the Tower card.  What light will come out of the darkness?

In terms of how this might relate to my inner feelings – the dark fits in with the interior self. My deep self is often visualised as a dark cave. Today might well mean reaching into that dark subconscious and pulling out the power that lies there. It feels like a card of initiation – a challenge to face the fear and bring back the power of the dark, transforming it into powerful light which strikes where it is needed.

Without (what is going on around me externally) – The Tower

Oh my! I hadn’t turned both cards over when I made the comment about the Knight of Wands carrying the energy of the Tower and here it is! This is the lightning strike which hits and forces us to accept the crumbling and loss of all that seems secure.

Today might well lead to a shattering revelation but the question is will I as the Knight of Wands be the initiating force? Will it be me who hurls the lightning bolt and allows it to shatter my cosy, safe world? Or will something external force me to go within, to draw deep on my own power and transform the power of the Tower into something else?

OK…first draw with this deck and it delivers a sucker punch. Dare I carry on for the rest of the week? 🙂

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