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Do and Don’t Do

A simple 2 card spread for today.

Do – Ace of Swords

There is something quite dynamic about this card. The sword points downwards and alongside it four feathers bend to meet it at its point. It creates the impression of energy being funnelled and focused in one direction. The space behind is completely white which gives me the feeling of clarity and lack of distractions.

My advice for today would be to focus on the tasks I want to complete, minimising distractions. With a clear intention, I can find the mental energy to get the job done.

Don’t do – 5 of Cups

No wallowing allowed! This card is in stark contrast to the sword. While the Ace of Swords brings with it a mental clarity and the ability to cut through the emotional stuff, the 5 of Cups is all about allowing those emotions to take over. Specifically, it points to a tendency to focus on past regrets rather than seeing the blessings in the present.

This card feels very apt today. It is my intention (Ace of Swords) to finish making a Christmas present and write some cards. The 5 of Cups is a warning not to indulge in ‘I should have started this earlier…maybe a different fabric would have been better…I should have ordered this months ago, now it might not come on time and they are going to hate their Christmas present’.

It’s the small regrets but also some bigger ones. There are a couple of situations in my life where I regret actions which I did/didn’t take in the past which are now impacting on my present. I’m finding it hard to let go of those feelings even though I know objectively (Ace of Swords) that I couldn’t have acted differently at the time.

A superficial message comes combined with a deeper one as is so often the way.

Gill Ace of Swords 5 of Cups


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A Lucky Find

Last weekend I took a trip to Amsterdam. It’s always a treat to spend time wandering around its canals and relaxing in a cafe. On one of my excursions I came across a shop selling a selection of spiritual books and paraphernalia. To my delight, at the back of the store was a tarot selection. Naturally, I couldn’t resist going over to have a look.

It had a very good selection and one deck in particular caught my eye – the Gill Tarot. As far as I’m aware, this deck is out of print and asking prices on Ebay tend to be quite high. Yet here it was on a shop shelf right in front me! It’s a deck I’ve wanted for a while but could never really justify paying the high prices for. It goes without saying that I bought it. 🙂

Queen of Swords – 4 of Cups -2 of Disks

The Queen is facing forward, holding her sword aloft. Her sword is one of reason, discrimination and truth. I need to use my intelligence to tackle what lies directly in front of me – the 4 of Cups. The 4 of Cups as a central card indicates that at the moment there is a feeling of ‘enough’. The liquid is pouring down, filling the cups to overflowing and collecting in a pool at the bottom. Satisfaction in life circumstances is not achieved and there is instead a feeling of stagnation. The Queen needs to analyse and cut through these feelings in order to get to the harmony of the 2 of Disks. The unity depicted is the union of spirit and matter. My emotional malaise needs to be tackled before I can feel in harmony again.

Gill Queen of Swords 4 of Cups 2 of Disks


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