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Search and Destroy!

This morning I decided to use this 2 card spread to help me focus on what I need to search for in my life (look at the positive) and what I need to destroy (bad habits etc).

Search – IV of Wands

This card is just lovely. When I look at it, I see a happy, stable partnership. Two people have made a commitment to each other and are building a new life together. It has a warm, positive feeling. I think this card is a wonderful reminder regarding my marriage. I am lucky to have a partner who I get on well with and is brilliantly supportive.  This is definitely something good I can focus on.

Destroy – III of Pentacles

Three figures are working to create something – but what? They are all busy modifying each other – each intent on perfecting someone else.  It reminds me of teams in which each person has a different goal in mind which hasn’t always been communicated to the others. They are all very focussed, intent on their task but what will they have at the end of it? Will any of them be happy or will they be a bit indignant that someone has changed them? There is a sense of changing things/people for the sake of it here. I need to look carefully at teamwork I am involved in and evaluate its purpose.


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After yesterday’s cards, I decided to pull one card today focussing on what I could do to help me bring in more happiness. I got the 2 of Pentacles which is one of my favourite cards in the deck!

When I look at this card, I see someone who is juggling different elements but in a very controlled, focussed way. Her pentacles are her tools which she is trying to use to maximum effect in her dancing. They are a way for her to perfect her art, deciding when to lower one and raise the other to create a feeling of beauty and grace for those who watch her. She is also enjoying what she does.

Today, I need to work on perfecting my own art remembering to aim for grace, balance and beauty. It is a day for doing something I enjoy and getting better at it.

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I have just completed a simple 3 card reading with this deck and once again it astounds me with its honesty. Many people find this deck a bit creepy and I must admit that when I first saw pictures online, I couldn’t decide if I was repulsed or attracted. Thankfully, I gave the deck the benefit of doubt and its been a firm favourite ever since.

The scenarios and characters inhabit a strange world which still feels familiar. I find this deck quite effortless to read with.

Moving into December, I decided to do a quick assessment spread.

What seeds are being planted – Ten of Swords

This is not a card I wanted to see here but I can see myself in it so clearly – trapped, wounded and with no way out. It reflects how alone and trapped I have been feeling in my current job. I get the horrible feeling looking at this, that it is me that is busy planting the seeds in this scenario. I am busy working my way to rock bottom.

What do I need to untangle – Nine of  Swords

Here lies the answer. I am plagued by nightmarish thoughts, imagining the worst possible outcomes in a situation. In fact, this card shows exactly what I was like last night. I couldn’t get to sleep because I kept imagining horrible scenes of my downfall in my head. Linking it with the first card, I think there is a clear warning here that I musn’t let my perception cloud what is actually happening.  I’m believing that things are far worse than they are and this is leading me to spiral towards an uncomfortable future.

What do I need to nurture – Ten of Cups

This card is the opposite of the Ten of Swords in many ways – it seems to represent perfect happiness. The message for me here is to focus on the good things that I have in my life. I need to rekindle the things in my life which make me happy to help me neutralise the negativity.

Wise and slightly blunt words from the Deviant Moon which is why I’d never part with it.

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