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My deck for this week is the Dark Grimoire by Lo Scarabeo. It has quite a dark feel so it will be interesting to see how it reads for everyday situations.

I thought I’d start the week with some dark proverbs to get a flavour of this deck.

Qualities  – 9 of Pentacles: seclusion, lonely path, a defensive castle, a refuge.

Verbs – High Priestess: power, holding secrets,  keeping sacred words, guarding magic, challenging seekers.

Objects – Chariot: transport, wild horses, whip, frenzy, reins.

One lone figure on all these cards…

Putting them together gives me:

Holding secrets is a lonely path requiring reins.

Guarding magic is like finding a refuge for wild horses.

Seclusion keeps sacred words from being transported.

An interesting mix! My personal favourite is guarding magic is like finding refuge for wild horses. It hints at the power inherent in everything. It can be compared to trying to tame nature itself. There is only so much restraining which can be done. The power will eventually seep out.


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