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Today I’m doing a simple two card reading using a spread created by Glass Owl on Aeclectic Tarot.

What is behind the closed door? This represents what is out of reach.

The Emperor – This elderly angelic figure sits outside a house which has some lights on. Behind him, some bushes are illuminated by an orange glow. He stares out at us holding his staff. This card seems to refer to not just a closed door, but a whole house which is now out of reach! The domain that this Emperor rules is changing and it is time to leave his old home behind. There are still lights on which suggests that someone else is taking responsibility and it can be safely left. The  orange glow seems to beckon him in a new direction away from his old life.

What is beyond the open door? This card represents possibilities within reach.

King of Wands – Here we have someone who has settled into a different kingdom. I see the change here from an old person to a younger one. The new possibility offers me the chance to rejuvenate. This image seems quite stark and wintery compared to the soft glow in the previous card. The mirror indicates an opportunity for reflection and helps to give a different perspective on the domain. There is a sense of more independence and self-reliance in this card. The kingdom seems to have grown from a house to a wide forest.

Overall, an old life has been outgrown. I do not need to worry about leaving it behind – there are new occupiers to oversee the affairs of the house. A new opportunity to expand my sphere of influence awaits which will help me to feel refreshed and give a new perspective.


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Family Fortunes

Ten of Discs – Judgement – Two of Swords

The LWB makes an interesting comment on the Ten of Discs – it refers to old wealth uniting and dividing families. When I read that, it immediately brought to mind something I read in yesterday’s papers. There is a wealthy Australian family who are currently going through the courts in a bitter dispute over money. They are incredibly wealthy and yet it has not brought them happiness. The Judgement card reminds me how easy it is for us to judge and make generalisations about the lives of others. Like the angel, sometimes you just want to wake someone up and make them pay for perceived right or wrong actions they have taken.  The Two of Swords suggests a need to aim for peace and balance. A compromise will be needed to avoid stalemate and continued rankling.

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Facing the inevitable…

This week I will be entering new territory by using the Dark Angels tarot by Lo Scarabeo. The artwork is created by Luca Russo and has a broody, melancholy tone. The world these characters inhabit, is one in which the sun is dying and the end of their world is inevitable. A few angels have descended from heaven to walk with humanity and help ease their transition.

Ace of Wands – Two of Swords – The Hierophant

The first thing I noticed when I looked at these cards was that the faces were half-hidden or not present at all. It suggests something which cannot be seen clearly or which requires looking deeper within.

The hands reach out to grab the wand which is topped by a skull. Behind it, a mist shrouds all else from view. The skull speaks to me of death and endings while the Ace represents the beginnings of something – especially in the work sphere. There is a certain bleakness to this card – the new beginning we seek comes out of death. The angel in the Two of Swords sits on a rock surrounded by sea. It feels quite meditative, like he is weighing up his options before moving on. The Hierophant is also an angel. She sits in a graveyard while two humans come to seek wisdom. Even in the most difficult of circumstances – when all hope seems lost – people exhibit the desire to believe in something bigger than themselves. Whether these people believe that this angel can somehow stop the world from ending we do not know.

Putting it all together, these cards speak of a new beginning but one in which options need to be carefully weighed. It could be emotionally turbulent but this can be eased by trying to cultivate a sense of peace – perhaps through meditation. In the midst of the change, it would be natural to ask for guidance from some higher authority. However, this card suggest that I cannot rely on them to be able to change the inevitable.

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