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Queen of Coins – Knight of Cups – Seven of Batons

The Queen of Coins shows a woman of wealth and confidence. The coins suit is associated with the old Cardinal Virtue Prudence and this Queen certainly seems to portray that quality. Prudence was said to have the gift of seeing the past, present and future and had knowledge of what was good, what was bad and what was neither. The Knight of Cups signals an arrival. Something is on its way! The Seven of Batons is a card of discussion and can indicate negotiation of some type.

These cards are telling me to expect something which brings animated discussion. Whether it is good or bad or neither is not clear so we’ll have to wait and see.









My Portable Fortitude card for the day is Protection from heartbreak which is quite self-explanatory. There is nothing that I am expecting to cause heartbreak but perhaps this is linked to the Dame Fortune draw. Something is on its way and it might be upsetting.



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Ten of Swords – The Tower – Five of Batons

Uh oh! Two cards which you generally don’t want to appear in a reading. 🙂 The Ten of Swords brings tears and sorrow while The Tower suggests a coming disaster. It doesn’t sound too good! However, at the end of the sequence we have the Five of Batons which represents wealth.

This trio remind me of times in the past where I’ve experienced grief and the foundations of my world have been rocked. At the end of the turbulence, I eventually gained something – whether it was a new understanding of myself or a forced change of direction which led to greater satisfaction. These cards seem to refer to a good friend who is currently experiencing their Tower moment. It remains to be seen if they also hint at a troubling situation for me.









The Portable Fortitude card for today is Protection from dangers only dogs sense. I need to examine my circumstances carefully for hidden threats. I think about the meaning of this message and what it is that dogs can sense that we can’t. They have a superior sense of smell and hearing and stories abound of their ability to predict earthquakes and storms. I think back to my own dogs and remember occasions where our placid Labrador would take a dislike to someone. Perhaps I should offer to look after a dog for a week. 🙂

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Significator – The Empress – Queen of Cups

This significator card is stalking me…it has come up so often, despite me pulling cards randomly, that I feel it is like an exclamation mark to the reading. It points out that this is important and I’d better pay attention!

The Empress and the Queen of Cups sit opposite each other in identical poses. Each is carrying something which confirms their identity. The Empress seems to be surrounded by simplicity – everything she has points to her function. The Queen of Cups is surrounded by drapes of fabric and her throne curves around looking more comfortable and supportive.

The Empress represents the power to care for a wider range of people – she is charitable and kind to those under her protection. The Queen of Cups is a devoted woman who is also wise and honest. Both are in a powerful position to influence the lives of many others. They point to stepping into a larger role which will benefit more people. Time to define my ‘kingdom’ and work out how to best help those within it.









I’ve decided to also use the Portable Fortitude Playing Cards. They are a self-published deck made by Corina Dross which I came across on Etsy. Each card has their playing symbol together with a message concerning what you need protection from. Today’s card is Ace of Clubs – Protection from Self-Sabotage. I couldn’t have picked anything more appropriate! Why do we have this tendency to sabotage our own efforts at improvement? I can think of several examples over the last few weeks where I have allowed myself to be distracted by something meaningless instead of working towards changes to improve my life. The inner critic lurks in the background like the snake on the card and strikes with words that linger. ‘There’s no point trying to change anything. How would you get another job – you’re too expensive to employ now! There’s no point dreaming of publishing your book, very few people get their work published these days.’ On and on it goes!  I’ll place this card somewhere I will see it regularly to remind myself to get on and go for my dreams.

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Three of Batons –  Knight of Swords – Two of Batons

The Three of Batons starts this spread off with a message of enterprise. He’s got the world in his hands and is thinking big. He represents the entrepreneurial spirit which requires a certain boldness. From a stately king who is looking at expanding his kingdom, we move into the Knight of Swords. This card gives off a certain amount of aggression and is racing towards the Two of Batons. Here we have a figure suffering melancholy – he’s not even looking at the richness of the landscape behind him.

These three cards remind me of the writing project I have begun. I need to get back into it and fight my melancholy tendencies. No more listening to the voices saying it’s just not good enough. I need to be bold like the king. The phrase faint heart never won fair lady springs to mind.

These cards could also refer to an important meeting taking place at work which involves the potential overhaul of an entire system – it would certainly take courage and a certain amount of aggression to combat the apathy many feel towards this change.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day and I can’t help seeing the flip side and a deeper message to these cards. Sometimes someone comes along with a vision of how things should be and they force that vision on others with aggression and war. The danger lies when we all become too apathetic to do anything about it.

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Three of Cups – Significator – The Pope

The Three of Cups brings a message of success – a situation has a happy outcome and carries a feeling of accomplishment. With the Pope, we get a message of faith and orthodoxy. He is the intermediary between us and God and is able to dispense heavenly blessings. The Significator in the middle does seem to apply to me this time.

This card draw leaves me hopeful  for a good outcome. Public acknowledgement of success is likely. There is this strange juxtaposition between the spiritual and worldly again. It’s obviously and important point for me to think about – my desire for accomplishment in the physical world and how it links with my spiritual self. The Pope as an authority figure reminds me of my need for approval. I want someone, a higher authority, to bless my endeavours and say, ‘Well done, you’re on the right path.’ The significator reminds me that I need to be my own authority in this matter. I cannot progress if I resist taking action for fear of doing something wrong.

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Queen of Swords – Seven of Coins – Knight of Swords

The Queen of Swords can indicate privation or self-employment. It seems very interesting then, that she is turned away from the material wealth offered in the Seven of Coins. Unlike the woman on the card, she does not seek help with her financial situation and does not see what lies in her future. The Knight of Swords is full of combative energy and highlights disputes, war and anger. He is also turned away from the central card but he is racing into the future. It looks very much like someone needs to take a more combative approach to secure their income. There is a dual message here of someone with money stresses who is resolutely avoiding confronting the issue. The two people cards are facing away from each other are not communicating. Perhaps they need to switch their focus and start discussing the central issue.









The card from the A’HA oracle today is primal soup which represents origins of life, our spark. It is a soup of possibilities – who knows what will come out of this mixture! It is a sea of potentials.A day to keep an open mind and possible alternative solutions.

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Seven of Coins – The Pope – Five of Batons

The Seven of Coins represents money and riches. A very physical sign of wealth. The Five of Batons, on the other hand, also represents wealth but this time an inner wealth. The crowns are arranged like the spheres on the qabalistic tree of life. It speaks of a wealth of spirit. It is interesting that the Pope is facing towards the Batons. It reminds me of how many religions value a rich spiritual life over material wealth. They are concerned with the health of the souls of their flocks rather than the health of their bank balances. It strikes me as ironic considering the vast material wealth accumulated by some religious organisations.

These cards flag up to me the importance of having a balance of both. How much easier it is to be of service to others when your own physical needs are met. The two can work in tandem and one does not have to be forsaken for the other. I think about the current financial crisis and the implications that has for the wealth of the individual. Is it time for society as whole to try and bring balance to these two types of wealth?  These cards today have opened up lots of philosophical thinking. A deep, meaningful and many-layered message.









The A’HA card for today is Talisman, a word which conjures up images of protection. It can act as a point of focus regarding what we want to attract into our life. Intention is key – what do I wish to create a talisman for?

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