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Over the last few readings, the theme of death and endings has come up quite frequently. I know that some things need to be let go of but at the moment that seems to be a struggle! Thinking about this, I decided that I need a psychopomp – someone to gently lead me into the ‘afterlife’ allowing me to shed the trappings I no longer need.

What is holding me back? Ace of Wands

This card makes me think of an underwater scene. I’m swimming in the depths with only a small source of light to help me find my way. The light is fairly ineffectual as it only shows up a small area. Meanwhile, all around me are floating opportunities. If I wasn’t so focused on looking with my light, I’d be able to grab a few of them. I am waiting for something big and obvious to come out of the depths but instead I should focus on lots of little opportunities.

What should I let go of right now? 4 of Pentacles

This is such a safe, solid structure. The coins act like pairs of walls but they prevent me from going forwards or making a retreat. With these walls in place, I can only scuttle sideways and in effect make no headway at all. I either need to break down the walls of my past, or the walls representing my future. I am boxing myself in by limiting my expectations.

How can I lead myself gently through this death? The Wheel of Fortune

I just need to accept that life waxes and wanes. I’m in a down cycle at the moment but that will eventually pick up and start the rotation upwards. There is no point in getting stressed out about this process – I just have to go along with the ride for now.









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I’ve decided to use the Crystal Tarot this week. It’s a deck of gorgeous rich colours with non-scenic pips. The whole deck has a very watery feel to me – the artwork undulates like waves and many cards remind me of reflections. As a result, a water-themed spread came to me this morning.

River of Life Spread

The Source (where I am coming from)The Lovers

This is a serene card showing a heart-felt connection between two people. The lush greens and the way the sun beams down, give a feeling of the richness of their relationship. It reminds me of the Garden of Eden (which many decks do portray to show the other theme of choice). The connection would then run deeper, representing also the connection with God. When I look at the couple on this card, I can’t help thinking that it looks like they are embracing to say farewell – a separation seems imminent.

It would seem that I am on the cusp of making that choice. It is time to separate from what seems safe and comfortable and explore other areas.

The Meander (the twist and turns the path takes) – 10 of Wands

The arrangement of wands on this card looks like the letter ‘A’. It is the beginning of the alphabet and suggests that beginning journey. Other letters which seem to be present are ‘H’ and ‘M’. We have the 1st, 8th and 13th letters of the alphabet respectively. Thinking about the Major Arcana those numbers represent, it seems that my path will need some creative action, inner strength and a willingness to embrace the endings. This idea of a series of breaks echoes in the image on the card itself. The wands are not attached to each other.

The Mouth (where I will end up) – 7 of Chalices

These cups are arranged in an interesting way. Two of the cups lie on their side, three stand upright and two look like they are toasting to success. On the way through this journey, I will find some things which can be discarded; some things which stand ready to grab hold of and a success I toast with others. There is an eye engraved on the top cup which makes me think of the ‘third eye’ and an awakening of imaginative faculties.









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