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A Birthday Reading

As today is my birthday, I’m doing a quick spread focussing on the year to come.

A cake, a candle and a lesson learnt

The Queen of Wands – the cake (what will nourish me in the coming year).

The first thing I thought when I saw this image was ‘creativity’. There is a bowl of orange liquid which the centaur is touching with a stick like a magical wand.  The bowl represents my source of inspiration and creativity. This year, I will be able to create joy and satisfaction from my creative projects.

Ace of Cups – the candle (where I will gain clarity)

Ah! A leaping figure! Obviously, I will gain the courage to take that leap and know that I will be caught. The shell is open to receive and is shaped like a cradle. There will be emotional support as I go through this new phase. The figure in this card is naked which suggests innocence and truly being myself.

Eight of  Wands – the lesson learnt this year

Here we see a figure walking through the trees heading towards a sunset sky.  She looks back with a smile on her face and a knife in her hand. I have learnt that when you can’t see the woods for the trees, it is best to walk away. Like the figure on the card, it can be faced with courage and acceptance that the sun is setting on a phase in life. The knife makes me think of what I will need to cut out while the person being carried (which looks like an old dwarf!) represents the things I can take with me – an older, wiser attitude.


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What’s the story?

I was reflecting today on stories, in particular the stories we tell about ourselves. Quite often when something happens, I find a way to include it in my life narrative. There are many stories I believe to be true about my life – certain themes seem to reoccur on a regular basis.

Today I wanted to use this idea of story to find out what my dominant story is at the moment.

What’s my story?

10 of  Swords

I look at this card and I see disaster. This woman seems to have lost her secure footing and is plummeting. We cannot see what she is going to hit as it is obscured by a grey fog. In fact, we do not know if her landing will be safe or end painfully. The swords falling around her could cause a problem if she catches herself on any of those sharp points. She has wings but doesn’t seem to be able to use them.

This card fits the story I’m telling myself. In fact, it is the negative manifestation of the cliff images I have been getting. This card is my worst fear – that I will leap but it will be disastrous. I won’t be able to use my wings and instead will crash painfully. I find myself repeating this worst case scenario to others, especially in relation to my work environment. Looking at this card really makes me realise that I need to keep my focus on a positive outcome. I need to change my story to one of soaring to a positive new beginning. Faith in myself and others needs to return instead of seeing the worst of the situation. I need to leave this grey, bleak scenario behind.


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Ice and fire

Just a simple 2 card pull today:


Queen of Swords

This is a beautiful image of a queen riding her owl through a snowy landscape. She looks fierce and carries her sword ready to do battle. There is focus and determination; she looks like she has a clear plan of action.

Don’t do

The Chariot

A man stands in his chariot riding through a desert landscape. He is holding his sceptre and seems to be waiting for people to congratulate him on his triumph. The Chariot is usually to do with matters of will and drive, moving forward with a clear aim.

The contrasting landscapes of these two cards stand out for me. The Queen is all ice and cold while the Chariot is making its way through a desert landscape. Hot and cold, ice and fire. Today is a day to formulate a strategy while trying to keep too much passion and desire to move forward out of it. Now is not the time to lurch forward and wait for the acclaim – there are no crowds watching this triumphal procession. Instead, I need to take a birds-eye view, assess with detachment and use the wisdom of the owl to forge a new direction. The landscape I find myself in is frozen and while it would be tempting to apply heat to thaw the situation, a cool head it required.

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Hidden Desires

Today I’m using a simple 3-card spread: hidden desire, how it manifests and consequences.

Hidden Desire


Wow! Well…what can I say? It seems like such a strange thing to desire but on one level I do desire the change and transformation that Death brings. The snake here is significant – I want to shed my old skin and grow a new one. I want my life to be stripped back to its bones so that I can start to build it anew. With it comes the wish to start a family – a desire which is not hidden but which is proving fraught with difficulty.

How it Manifests

Knight of Chalices

I look at this image and I think ‘Slowly and going nowhere!’. This Knight seems to be trapped sitting on the tortoise on a rather precarious looking ledge. This image of a cliff-face is coming up a lot for me. Maybe it just looks like there is no way out of this situation or no way for it to manifest. How did they get to this place initially? We cannot see what lies to the sides of this image and I can’t help but wonder if I need to look over the edge.  Below it may well be another ledge that can be dropped onto safely even though it cannot be seen.


Queen of Pentacles

Another image of someone seated on a small platform, seemingly suspended in the middle of nowhere. The difference with the previous card is that this woman seems to be seeking something. There is an eye painted on her hand while her own eyes are mostly covered, something is burning and creating smoke in a pot beside her and she sits on a mushroom that looks like fly agaric.

Putting these three things together, she is seeking inspiration from the spirit world through some sort of trance. There is a desire to understand her life on a deeper level and see beyond the surface. The dragonflies in the background are creatures of transformation. She is transforming her spiritual vision to guide her situation.

The message is clear: in order to receive the transformation I seek, I need patience when things seem to have reached a dead-end. Seeking clarification on a spiritual level will help me to see my way more clearly.

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Growth and Decay

By special request my deck this week is the Circle of Life tarot. It is one of my round decks which means it is tricky to shuffle and I have to resort to a swirling technique to mix them up! The images are based on RWS but like many Lo Scarabeo decks, there are deviations in imagery which lend a twist or new interpretation.

Something which grows today

6 of Pentacles

This is a curious image. A woman is leaning over two sleeping figures with a gesture of care and silence. Around them is a rope which is looped through golden rings fixed to the wall. The surroundings look like cold stone.

Today will show me a loving presence in my life when it all seems quite bleak. There is someone around who will make sure I am cared for and protected. This is seems quite apt as I’m meeting a friend who is very good at helping me to see the positive and reassures me when things seem to be going badly. It speaks of generosity and helping others.

Something which will decay today

The Star

When I see this star card, it makes me think of a certain fatalism – following your star wherever it may lead you. This figure is sitting partly inside the star and it looks like something which has been fashioned from the gold pouring from the beakers. There are smaller stars which are suspended by string from the points of the main star.

Here I can see an end to a certain fatalistic thinking and joining myself to a larger star rather than being distracted by the smaller stars around me. The large star is the BIG dream I need to concentrate on while the smaller dreams may distract me. The dynamism of the pouring liquid makes me think that now could be the time to examine my dreams and see if I need to fashion something new.


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