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Time for some more tarot proverbs to round off the week.
I think these will become a regular fixture as I rotate through the different decks. It will be interesting to see how they compare. 🙂

Qualities – 6 of disks: helpfulness, compassion, generosity, concern, thoughtfulness

Verbs –  Ace of Disks: beginning, planting, creating, grounding, making, building

Objects – The Hermit : solitude, wisdom, loneliness, retreat, introspection, illumination, ruminating.

Taking an element from each card gives me:

Helpfulness plants wisdom

Compassion builds illumination

Generosity grounds loneliness

Concern creates introspection

Thoughtfulness makes solitude

The one which stands out for me today is generosity grounds loneliness. When we are feeling lonely, it can be so hard to reach out to other people. We imagine that we must be lonely for a reason – nobody likes to spend time with us. So we then retreat a little further. This proverb indicates that the act of reaching out to others helps to stabilize these feelings. We cannot be so focused on our loneliness when we are helping others.

I also quite like thoughtfulness makes solitude. It reminds me of the times when I just want to think and ruminate on something and so I seek time to myself. In fact, wanting to ponder over things creates a necessary solitude. It can be hard to make thoughtful, considered judgements when you just can’t seem to find the time to think.

The two proverbs highlight the tussle between the necessity for quiet, reflective, solitary periods and making sure that we do not retreat too far from others.



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A Twist in the Tale

Expectation and Twist – based on the idea of books and films where we expect certain things to happen but a twist presents itself.

What do I expect will happen? 6 of Discs

This seems like a positive card, after all who wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a generous act? Perhaps I am like the children and am hoping that as long as I do my part of the bargain, treats will follow! It shows energy being directed outwards for someone’s benefit. It could be wisdom that I’m expecting to share with others.

This card also reminds me of a real-life conversation I had with the children I teach. Occasionally, I bring in sweets as a treat and I’d asked the children to remind me before they left that I needed to buy some more. This card makes me think of me as the adult, handing out a treat to the children. I expect to be handing out those sweets tomorrow. 🙂

What is the unexpected twist? The High Priestess

As a contrast to the previous card, this one shows energy being directed inwards. Instead of being with others, there is an air of solitude. A time to withdraw for a while and listen to my inner wisdom. Perhaps, I won’t be sharing my thoughts with others but instead will spend some time happy in my own company. I wonder if an appointment this weekend will be cancelled…

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Magician or Hermit?

What do I need to focus on today? The Magician

Lovely! A day to create what I desire using directed intent. A time to explore different possibilities and play a ‘what if…’ game. What if there was no obstacle to achieving my dreams? What life would I create for myself? Today is the day to have fun and dream BIG.

What can I safely ignore today? The Hermit

How could I ignore this delightful pumpkin character? In fact, I need to ignore my own hermit tendencies. At the moment, I need take an active role like the Magician – perhaps be a little showy and demonstrate my talents to the world. The Hermit is the part of me that is quite happy to be left alone, to seek my own wisdom. This is all very well but what do I do with this new knowledge? The Magician takes delight in showing others and perhaps I need to do this too. 🙂

There is a wider message here about the desire to pursue self-knowledge. In society, there is a deep-rooted belief that spiritual knowledge is best gained by isolating yourself from the rest of the world avoiding temptations which might distract you. The Magician is asking us to think about how we can use our creative abilities to really make a difference. We can use that knowledge in a practical way to change our world. This means coming out of the confines or our sanctuary and taking a bit of a risk.

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The real lesson is…

This week I will be using the All Hallows tarot created by Robyn Tisch-Hollister. It is a deck full of character so to get the week started I asked these questions:

What will you teach me? What will I actually learn?

As all teachers know, sometimes your students will take something quite unintentional away from your lesson.

What will you teach me? 9 of Wands

Ringed by wooden poles and holding two stakes in the form of a cross, we are protected from all those nasty creatures of the night. Nothing is going to jump out and catch us unawares! Good defences are important – sometimes we need to keep our guard up. However,  sometimes we can be so convinced that danger is around the corner that we forget to actually live. We spend our days in a state of high alert waiting for the blow to come out of the darkness. This constant state of fight or flight is not good for the body. A balance needs to be struck.













What will I actually learn? 7 of Cups

Life is full of tempting choices…should we choose the cupcakes or the marshmallow ghosts…actually maybe the toffee apples would be best…no,wait…it has to be the ghoulish hands. On and on the monologue goes but by not choosing anything we are still making a choice. We are choosing to stay right where we are. Perhaps, we just need to pick something and not worry about the what ifs. Jump forward. No regrets.

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