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Queen of Swords – Seven of Coins – Knight of Swords

The Queen of Swords can indicate privation or self-employment. It seems very interesting then, that she is turned away from the material wealth offered in the Seven of Coins. Unlike the woman on the card, she does not seek help with her financial situation and does not see what lies in her future. The Knight of Swords is full of combative energy and highlights disputes, war and anger. He is also turned away from the central card but he is racing into the future. It looks very much like someone needs to take a more combative approach to secure their income. There is a dual message here of someone with money stresses who is resolutely avoiding confronting the issue. The two people cards are facing away from each other are not communicating. Perhaps they need to switch their focus and start discussing the central issue.









The card from the A’HA oracle today is primal soup which represents origins of life, our spark. It is a soup of possibilities – who knows what will come out of this mixture! It is a sea of potentials.A day to keep an open mind and possible alternative solutions.


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Seven of Coins – The Pope – Five of Batons

The Seven of Coins represents money and riches. A very physical sign of wealth. The Five of Batons, on the other hand, also represents wealth but this time an inner wealth. The crowns are arranged like the spheres on the qabalistic tree of life. It speaks of a wealth of spirit. It is interesting that the Pope is facing towards the Batons. It reminds me of how many religions value a rich spiritual life over material wealth. They are concerned with the health of the souls of their flocks rather than the health of their bank balances. It strikes me as ironic considering the vast material wealth accumulated by some religious organisations.

These cards flag up to me the importance of having a balance of both. How much easier it is to be of service to others when your own physical needs are met. The two can work in tandem and one does not have to be forsaken for the other. I think about the current financial crisis and the implications that has for the wealth of the individual. Is it time for society as whole to try and bring balance to these two types of wealth?  These cards today have opened up lots of philosophical thinking. A deep, meaningful and many-layered message.









The A’HA card for today is Talisman, a word which conjures up images of protection. It can act as a point of focus regarding what we want to attract into our life. Intention is key – what do I wish to create a talisman for?

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Four of Batons – Nine of Swords – Significator

A random draw of cards and the Significator appears again. The Four of Batons indicates a social occasion – something where lots of people are gathered. The Nine of Swords represents a religious person. He is looking at the social gathering as if trying to decide whether or not to join in. He seems quite content to sit and watch the people enjoy themselves.

There is a message here relating to spiritual pursuits, in particular the way they can set you apart from others. If you are following a path which is slightly unconventional it can be difficult to find others who are of a like mind and feel part of a community. It also means that you may need to be more guarded with others. On a more prosaic level, it could mean that a coming spiritual gathering is significant. The Significator is proving an interesting card – I’m not convinced that it applies to me unless I consciously choose it to represent me. Certainly, the first time it appeared I felt it was representing someone else. I will have to watch it carefully when it appears.










The AHA oracle today brings the card Bell. It is a reminder that the ringing tone of a bell can help clear stagnant energy. Bells were sometimes given as gifts of good fortune to babies. It also asks ‘Does this ring a bell?’ There may be an important message I need to pay attention to. Combined with the first cards, it reminds me of the phrase ‘I’ll be there with bells on!’ An important gathering is coming up which I will be keen to be part of.



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Six of Cups – The World – Three of Swords

The Six of Cups represents the past, all those things which have faded. I love the person sitting on the chair and reading the book on the lectern. It makes me think of an historian – someone who believes we can examine the past and learn from it.

The World is perfection or the attainment of a great reward. Is our historian looking at the past in order to work out how to attain perfection in the future?

The Three of Swords has her back turned to The World and is looking miserable. This card represents a separation or severance.

With the World as the pivotal middle card, I can see here my desire to create that perfect world for myself. Like the historian, I look to the past to see if there are any lessons I can apply to improve my current situation. Unfortunately, like the woman in the Three of Swords, I feel miserable because that perfect world still seems so far away to me. In fact, I also look to the past because that is a time when I did feel very happy – when I had a large family around me. Now that so many pivotal members of the family have died, their absence is keenly felt by me. I need to try to find a different definition of perfection which I can apply to my present.

These three cards also seem to be a good representation of the dream I had last night. In it, my past blended seamlessly with the future and I was no longer separated from those deceased family members.









Today’s card from the A’HA oracle is Cosmic Consciousness. The image shows several circles orbiting around a larger central one.  The orbiting circles represent us while the larger circle in the middle, is Source. It is a reminder that each person is exactly where they need to be and that we cannot choose another’s path for them. I need to make peace with where I am now and also with where others are.



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For the next week I’m going to be using the Dame Fortune’s Wheel tarot – a deck of glorious colours which is based on Etteilla’s card meanings. It will be paired with a card from the A’HA oracle.

Knave of Batons – Temperance – Significator

These three cards made me chuckle a bit. I don’t usually use the significator card and had intended to remove it from the deck. However, I forgot and here it is lying at the end of the trio! Both the Knave of Batons and Temperance are facing it which indicates that the message is aimed squarely at me.

The Knave of Batons represents an as yet unknown person, a stranger, who could be a messenger of a powerful man. Temperance is one of the Virtues and implies self-restraint and moderation. I can look out for a stranger bringing a message which cautions me to show restraint.









From the A’HA oracle I have pulled Points of Light. It shows a web of connecting points of light, some large and some small but all linked together. There is a message here of focussing my energy on the light in myself and others, to think of a way to connect which brings positive interaction for all. It is a visual reminder of the idea that we are all connected. What one of these lights does will reverberate around the web to all the others.

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