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2 of Swords -The Star -Queen of Swords

There are two swords cards flanking a major suggesting an issue of importance which is impacting on a mental level.

The 2 of Swords is static, in a state of suspension. A choice is implicated but there is no way of moving. This card brings a temporary sense of peace – for the moment at least, mental anguish is stilled and a quiet reflection is achieved. However, this may in part be due to the blindfold and a wilful desire not to look at the things which will disturb the peace.

The Star brings hope, healing and guidance. It is a glimmer of light in the darkness. If we can just fix on the star which is our destiny, help is available to get us there. However, these possibilities lie in the distance and will not manifest immediately. All that is available now is peace and healing.

The Queen of Swords has her back turned to the previous two. She is seated on her throne and looks in command. She seems to have evolved from the woman in the Two of Swords. Now her blindfold is off, she has taken up one sword and made her choice. She can leave the past behind and focus firmly on the future.

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Yesterday I received a package in the post – the Dark Crystal Illuminated tarot by Carol Herzer. I’ve wanted one of Carol’s tarots for a long time and finally had the opportunity and funds to get one.

I like the wintery feel of this deck with its hues of blue and swirling whites. It seems the perfect accompaniment as we head towards the darkest part of the year.

What opportunity is knocking at my door? Page of Cups

I always get a sense of youthful enthusiasm from the pages and here this page is listening intently to the fish. It doesn’t seem at all strange that there is a fish in a cup and that it appears to be whispering something. It can be a message of the heart or something creative and imaginative. There is an opportunity to experience a child-like wonder and a fresh, unjaded perspective.

What will I potentially risk if I open the door? 9 of Wands

There is a risk that I will be on my guard. The person in the 9 of Wands has erected a barrier and is keepinga watchful eye. Any threats are kept well away. There is a danger that if I open the door, my own barriers will be down and I risk letting something more threatening through. At least, this is how I percieve it. I have my guard up a lot of the time and it is possible that this defensiveness is leading to missed opportunities.

What will I gain if I open the door? The Devil

Well, what could be more scary than opening the door to the Devil! 🙂 I always think of the Thoth devil when I interpret this card as I don’t tend to see our material existence as some kind of terrible bondage full of things which tempt and trap us in a prison of flesh. So for me this indicates a gaining in the enjoyment of the material pleasures of existence. Allowing the creative life force to flow and seeing past the illusions that have kept me trapped. This links with the previous card in that the guard is shutting something out based on his illusionary fears of a threat. By opening the door, I will gain an understanding of what the illusion is which keeps me fearful of opening up.

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Crone Wisdom

Today I am using the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. It is centred on the archetype of the Crone and is a deck suitable for deep reflection.

What energies are present in my life right now? Two of Cups, Four of Disks, Shadow of Cups.
The image on the 2 of Cups is rather arresting. It is one which intentionally plays with a duality and forces us to look twice. I love how there seem to be two cloaked figures bending towards each other in a desire to connect. It reflects a desire to merge and connect deeply with something or someone. So much so, that the 2 cease to be and become one. There is an energy of emotional convergence related to something deeply desired.

The 4 of Disks brings us back to earth and more practical matters. It represents a safe place to retreat and relax in – somewhere which is welcoming and peaceful. There is only a simple picture of a standing stone. How does my living space nurture and support me? At the moment, I’m moving towards something I desire but it may be a bit of a roller-coaster. This card reminds me to keep a sanctuary.

The final card represents an emotional drowning. There is a need here to sink into something, to wallow deeply. A sense of separate identity is lost which may be necessary but care must be taken not to sink indefinitely. It reminds me a little of those flotation tanks. Sometimes, completely switching off is a good thing but it is a state which could lead to apathy and lack of desire to do anything. It can represent a passive acceptance. I need to guard against this.

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A simple focus today – what persona am I projecting outwards to others? Ace of Cups

The yellow banner at the top proclaims ‘Aqua’ – water. A fountain overflows in the centre in a cycle of endless renewal. It is abundant and a source of compassion and healing. A positive start – although it is something I aspire to rather than manage with any sort of consistency.

A fish is at the bottom looking slightly out of place. In fact, it looks like it’s not in the water completely and it has a slightly worried expression! It seems to be thinking ‘How did I get up here?’ The phrase ‘a fish out of water’ immediately comes to mind. So it seems that I may be projecting a feeling of not quite being in the right place. Something about me doesn’t quite fit the environment I find myself in. At least, this is how it appears on the surface. However, the fish is still in water – it’s just experiencing what Air is like too! Perhaps, like the fish, I’m showing that I’m comfortable on the surface but am not showing yet that I am happiest in deeper waters.

This card is Cancer ruled by the Moon. A placement where the Moon is quite at home. This reinforces the impression that actually, I’m quite comfortable and at home where I am and with who I am. People perceive that there is a depth of emotion but that I keeps things on a superficial level.

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What is beginning to surface in my life? 4 of Disks

A bird is engulfed in flame – is it a phoenix rising from the ashes or is it about to be cooked? The moon looks down dispassionately and the sun lies behind the bird.  The idea of 4 is repeated by the birds in the corners and the spheres underneath. The 4 reminds me of the elements – earth, air, fire and water which gives the card a feeling of balance. It almost feels like an alchemical process – 4 things have combined to give rise to the bird in the middle who is a blend of them all.

This card feels like a rebirth. A process is undertaken to change something and form something new. This indicates that I’m moving towards a time when I will transform. Various elements are being combined and I’m just in the process of blending. I haven’t quite finished cooking yet. 🙂 The fact that this is a card of Disks makes me think that this is a transformation on a physical/practical level. Mercury is being grounded in Taurus. The planet of ideas and communication is held by a stable earth sign. The quicksilver is harnessed and given form. All this indicates that something which begins in thought and ideas will be turned into something of a real practical value.

I just need to remember when to turn the oven off…

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Finding the Fire

I’ve decided to use The Tarot of the Holy Light this week. I’ve had this deck a long time and it is incredibly layered. It does not follow the Golden Dawn system but rather draws on older esoteric ideas. When I got these cards I was struck by the level of detail and how well everything had been thought out. It feels like a very coherent whole. However, the companion book is not yet available and so I haven’t really used it for readings in case I miss something crucial. 🙂

Today I’m going to read just by looking at the card and the ideas it sparks in me. I do have some knowledge of astrology so that will probably creep in too.

What do I need to focus on today? Knight of Wands

The first thing which strikes me on this card is the blazing urn which appears to be supported by nothing substantial. The blue robe is wrapped around its base and around the man. He holds a torch in his other hand but seems utterly fixated on the larger fire in the urn. There is a sun above his head and one below at his feet.  He stands like a pillar in the middle connecting them both. Behind him, a salamander is surrounded by flames.  This card is connected with Sagittarius.

There is a fascination with fire here. He gazes transfixed at the source of light and warmth in front of him. The light is something which pulls him forward, it encourages him to go exploring with his torchlight at his side. There is a feeling that he might step through the frame and wander off.

It seems that today I need to focus on what it is I gain warmth and light from. What is it that transfixes me? What fascinates me enough that I’m ready to venture forth in search of new adventure? What is a burning passion that allows me to lose all track of time and keeps me focussed? Today I will do something that I feel passionate about, that gives me that feeling of light and warmth. I can draw on the Sagittarian spirit of adventure.

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