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I’m going with a bit of a retro mood this week and using Tarot of the Cat People. It was published in 1985 by U.S. Games Systems. The backs remind me of the cartoons I used to watch when I was a child.

The deck has a lot of charm even if it has been superseded by more recent cat themed decks.

Today’s spread has the theme of gifts.

What gift can I share with someone else today? The Tower

The huge cat tower has been struck by what looks like a meteor. A hole has appeared in one side and 2 people and a cat have jumped out of the building and are heading for the floor. What I find interesting here is where have they jumped from? It looks like a huge statue rather than a building. Were they at the top admiring the view? This card is a reminder that we can feel safe and secure but a bolt from the blue can force us all to jump for survival. However, these are cat people and I’m willing to bet that they always land on their feet. 🙂

So my gift to share today is the insight that those Tower moments do not have to end badly. In fact, sometimes they are the precursor to a change for the better. There is no point clinging on as the meteor comes your way and hope it will miss you! Better to jump while you have the chance.

What gift should I accept from someone else today? Eight of Wands

This is a card which feels quite playful. Things are moving quickly but it’s exciting and feels more like a game. Look at how eager the cat is to join in! Things which have felt static are now back in motion and starting to take off. There is no time to stop and think about it – instead I should use the instincts of the cat to pounce at the right time and enjoy the ride.

What gift should I develop this week? Six of Wands

This is a positive card. All those wands which were in the air in the previous card are now safely gathered up. The man is richly dressed and keen to show off the spoils of his victory. It is a celebration of success. This week I should try and be more positive and celebrate my victories.



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