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I was getting ready to rotate my deck again and it was causing me some concern. Lately, I haven’t really felt the need to give myself regular readings as I’m in a state of upheaval. Most of my recent readings have been basically saying the same things. This left me with a bit of a dilemma-  if I change my deck again, what am I going to do with it other than look at it and feel guilty that I’m not giving it any attention? 🙂

Thankfully, I made a great purchase recently which is blowing those cobwebs away. ‘The Tarot Playbook’ by Lynda Cowles (of Tarotchest) is a fantastic book for just allowing you to spend time getting to know a deck without feeling burdened by having to do a reading. In fact, many of the suggested activities do involve reading cards but in such a way it doesn’t feel too onerous. This approach is just what I need at the moment.

Yesterday evening I got out my Silicon Dawn deck (which was love at first sight when I got it) and went through a couple of activities with it. My favourite one so far is called ‘Build your own Superhero’. Part of it is shown here:

What is the superhero’s superpower? The Emperor

This superhero has some incredible powers. He wears a mask which allows him to see in a different direction. He channels electricity which is used to deadly effect with his sword, electrocuting his enemies. He also has incredible extendible legs.

What is their secret vulnerability? 3 of Swords

Unfortunately, our superhero has severe masochistic tendencies when in the presence of ostrich eggs. They create a kind of mind fog which makes him turn his sword on himself.

Who is his archenemy? Page of Pentacles (Wands in other decks)

His enemy hides behind the facade of an innocent child but inside lurks the greatest criminal brain the world has ever known. Constantly hatching schemes to destroy the planet, e.g. through genetically engineered dragons using dinosaur dna. A formidable temper, doesn’t like to be crossed one little bit.










It is a gem of a book – highly recommended if you don’t  mind tongue-in-cheek, irreverent humour where tarot is concerned!


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I’m only sleeping…

This week I will be using the Dreampower Tarot created by R.J. Stewart and illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn. It was published by Aquarian and although it is now out of print, can usually be found second-hand.

It’s a deck which has an alternative take on the majors. The majors are very well illustrated and represent quite intriguing ideas. The minors are very simple in design in comparison. My first impressions are that it looks most suitable for deep readings rather than more mundane concerns.

What is my message for today? The Sleeper + 2 of Sylphs

The Sleeper is a beautifully evocative image which speaks of dreams of potentials still to be realized. It represents the ‘unawake’ state most of us spend our lives in – going about our daily lives but not being fully ‘awake’ to the potentials within us.

The 2 of Sylphs represents the in and out breath. It is the division into two parts which brings about change. These two parts make up a synergistic whole so that on some level the separation is illusion.

These cards echo some advice I received yesterday. As I stand on the threshold of change, there are potentials I am still unaware of, dreams I have which are not yet realized. One of the solutions which represents itself is not to see my situation as an either/or but as 2 parts which are both equally necessary to achieve balance.



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Within and without

A simple 3 card spread today which I’ve adapted from Glass Owl’s ‘What Matters’ spread which can be found on Aeclectic Tarot.

What lies before me? King of Bolers

Another king – this time it is the equivalent to the King of Pentacles. He looks the consummate professional – smartly dressed, an air of confidence. He has had some success at what he does. This card bodes well for my future plans. He has had to work hard to achieve his success but it is something which is enduring. This man is able to provide for his family.

There is a dual meaning here for me – it represents the real possibility that I will have to rely on my husband to provide for me financially, at least for a short time. As a modern woman, there is a part of me that feels very uncomfortable to be financially dependent and not be able to pay my share of the bills.

The other meaning that comes out of this is the potential to build success in the future. I may be able to look back and wonder what all the angst was about.

What lies within me? Death

The Grim Reaper stares out faceless as the caravan burns. Well, what a cheery card to pull in this position. 🙂 Actually, I can see this card being highly relevant as I let go of an old life and seek to transform my circumstances. The last year has taken its toll on my physical and mental health and it is good that this ‘dies’. There is a strange feeling of liberation and of possibilities opening up. Being able to watch something you held dear for a long time crumble around you is a blow to your sense of self. Who am I if I’m not that person anymore? So often our identity is tied up in what we do. I can no longer call myself what I did before and it leaves a strange hole while I work out what will replace it. Interestingly, I felt this desire for ‘death’ – a huge sweeping change – for a long time but have resisted its call.

How does what lies within me manifest in my life? Ten of Chivs

So it seems that my desire for a change in circumstances, for a huge overhaul in my life, has decided to manifest in a way which forces me to change. It carefully points out that things could not get any worse and therefore I should make the change because things will only improve from here on in. This card is also a very literal reference to the fact that I have been ‘stabbed in the back’. It is not something that is likely to be investigated in any detail as it has happened to others before. Like the victim, I have been ‘killed’ with so many sword thrusts it’s difficult to know which is the fatal blow.

Still, I have been in this place before and used it spur me forward and change what needed to be changed. Each time I tweak a little more but always there is the feeling that Death will come calling again.

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Those of you who have been following my blog will know that I have had several readings hinting at a change in work and needing to make a leap. Well, May turned out to be a crunch month. I found myself so stressed at work that ‘enough was enough’ – I have resigned with no job to go to. A Fool’s leap indeed!

My head is finally clear enough to do a reading.

A simple ‘Do/Don’t Do’ at this time using the Buckland Romani by Galde Press.

What do I need to do at this time? King of Koros

This card is equivalent to the King of Cups. He is quiet, reflective and driven by his emotions. Family tends to be put before a career. This card indicates that I need to take some time to reflect on events of the recent month. In some ways I need to get back into my own equilibrium – I have been very agitated and full of angst. Time to take charge and become quietly balanced again.

What should I not do at this time? Nine of Koros

A young man is loading (or unloading) large vessels onto a cart. The first thing that struck me looking at this image was the line from a song ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’. It seems to be a warning not to take all my emotional baggage with me as I move forward into a new phase. There are a large amount of negative feelings – anger, resentment and hate – which I don’t want to carry with me anymore. Time to lighten my emotional load.


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