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Captivated by Paulina

This week I have been using the Paulina tarot published by US Games. It’s been out for a few years now but is one that I’d never really got around to buying. I finally got it last week. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would find the artwork a little too busy but I needn’t have feared. Despite the dense detail and first impression of whimsical frippery, it is an absolute delight to use. I’m finding that readings flow smoothly and have incredible depth to them. On closer inspection, the artwork also has a darkness to it – slightly Tim Burtonesque. It is a gem of a deck and one I’m very much enjoying using.

The daily spread I did today focussed on 3 things: what to think about; what to do and what to love. I found the answer it gave me very pertinent. The 5 of Cups reminded me that I’m focussing too much on what is wrong in my life. I’m so bogged down in a negative fog, that I’m forgetting all the gifts in my life. The High Priestess is counselling me to reconnect with that inner knowing, the wise part of myself that accepts life as a balance of light and dark. The final card, the 2 of pentacles, represents the very thing that is causing the 5 of cups feeling – I’ve got so much to juggle at the moment that I feel I have no time to think. The fact I got this card in the ‘something to love’ position amused me greatly. Perhaps I just need to enjoy the hectic energy knowing that soon the pace will slow again.


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A new era…

It’s been a pretty busy year since I last posted here but I’ve learnt a few things about myself and my tarot journey.  Firstly, I’m not the type of person who needs to do a daily draw. I like reading for myself but it’s much more sporadic than that and on a ‘needs -must’ basis. What I love about tarot is looking at different decks, comparing them and gently immersing myself in their world.

This is what I have been doing for the last year. I’ve involved myself in reading exchanges on a popular tarot forum, got completely immersed in historical decks and have been having fun with tarot.

I’ve decided that this blog will focus on those simple observations and will be a place to share my love of tarot rather than a daily diary.

Here’s to a new beginning!

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