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Some wise words of advice

I can’t quite believe it’s been so long since I posted one of my daily draws on here. Problems with scanning have meant that my notes have gone back in my journal but things seem to be back to normal and posts should be more frequent.

I pulled three cards this morning. One to represent something to think about, one for something to do and one for something to love (courtesy of Tarotdame’s blog). I decided to use my newly trimmed Fey tarot.

I pulled 3 of wands, 7 of pentacles and knight of pentacles.

The 3 of wands represents something to think about and the 7 of pentacles represents something to do. Together these cards are asking to me to consider the possibility that I’m spending too much time examining a project, watching it intently to see if it’s taking fruit. The 7 of pentacles suggests that I need to relax and trust that my efforts will bear fruit but that it may take a bit of time.

The last card made me smile. The knight of pentacles often represents my husband as he has many of the qualities of this particular knight. How funny that it falls into the ‘something to love’ position. No doubt, this will make him laugh!


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