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Well, made it home after an extended holiday thanks to the cloud of ash!

My draw for the day is an 2 card one – What do I need to think about? and What do I need to do? For this draw I have decided to use the Housewives Tarot.

What do I need to think about? The High Priestess.

This card makes me smile every time I see it thanks to its little message ‘The mysteries of the universe are sweeter than you know!’. It got me reflecting on my attempts to journey home across Europe using trains. There was definitely a point on the journey where I resigned myself to not making it back to work for Monday. After that, I relaxed into it and stopped worrying about the ‘how’ and ‘when’. Without the delay to my journey I would never have met a wonderful couple of people. It’s significant to me that this card shows a table with 4 chairs – for the majority of the journey my husband and I travelled with another couple and we bonded over tables in trains and restaurants. They gave me a lesson in generosity and being open to others which will stay with me for  a long time.

Something to do? Page of Wands

This page is having fun! He’s taken everyday items and turned them into props for his game. He suggests that today I should take a light-hearted approach and use my imagination creatively.


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Today’s card has come in answer to the question ‘What is holding me back?’ and it is Knight of Cups – The Enchanted Horse. It is a tale taken from Arabian Nights where a stranger arrives in the court of the King of Persia with a mechanical horse. This horse is able to transport its rider wherever they wish to go. The Prince reacts rashly and jumps on the horse without proper instructions and ends up on a typical knight’s quest.

The Knight of Cups is the romantic dreamer, head filled with wonderful ideas and escapist dreams. Unfortunately, he is not so good at putting them into practical effect! He’s  a bit of a head-in-the clouds sort, forever dreaming of a wonderful life. This card does truly fit what I am like – forever dreaming of better things, endlessly coming up with creative ideas and solutions but just not doing anything with them. It seems to be the theme for this week, this need for me to stop thinking and dreaming and take action. It is time to begin taking practical steps to transforming my dreams into reality.

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Today I pulled two cards – one to signify what I need more of and one for what I need less of.

More of: 8 of Wands – The Fairy Hunt. This card is brimming with movement and action, a host of fairies are moving at speed through the countryside. I can relate to this and it links in nicely with the chariot from yesterday. It’s time to get things moving and start doing things rather than just thinking about it. There might be lots of things going on at once but that is better than nothing.

Less of: King of Swords – The Maiden King. The swords are often related to thinking and being analytical. In context of the above card, it seems I’m spending too much time thinking, planning my next step and coming up with carefully thought-out strategies. The problem with too much thinking is that it doesn’t get much done! At some point you’ve got to trust that you’ve thought it through as carefully as you can and take action.

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Well, today’s card is The Chariot – The Snow Queen. Looking at this image I can’t help hoping it means that someone is going to whisk me away somewhere exotic. 🙂  I don’t think that will be happening today though. Looking at this image we have Kay sitting next to the Snow Queen as they charge across the sky. I think I’m a little like Kay at the moment, passively waiting for change instead of being the driving force behind it (pun intended). It’s time to take hold of the reins and take control of the direction my life is taking. The Snow Queen is an icy, emotionless character and cautions against using your willpower and drive to ignore the wishes of others. Take control, yes but remember to temper it by considering the feelings of those who may be along for the ride.

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Daily Draw

Today’s card is the King of Coins – King of the Golden Mountain. This card is about money, responsibility and practicality. It represents someone who is good in business, takes their family responsibilities seriously, is sensible and good with money. Some of these qualities I already have, others I’m still working on! A gentle nudge I think – reminding me of the progress I’ve made and to keep plugging away at it.

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Daily draw

Yesterday I got the 8 of swords which ended up reflecting my day quite well. I’d gone to London for the day with the intention of visiting one of my favourite shops and picking up a particular oracle deck I wanted. Unfortunately, when I got there, they didn’t have it – cue a dash around several different shops to see if I could track it down. On the train home it suddenly struck my how I’d played out that card. My quest to find this deck was a form of mental bondage and left me trapped in a fruitless quest to find it. I completely restricted what I could have done that day. It reminded me to consider this card as a reflection of the way we can trap ourselves quite willingly.

Today’s card is the Page of Swords – Finist the Bright Falcon. It is a Russian traditional tale full of magical elements. The Page of Swords usually indicates faithfulness or guarding something or someone that matters to you.   It also represents using your intelligence.  My immediate thought, especially considering the 8 of Swords yesterday, is whether I’m perhaps guarding something a little too carefully. Maybe it’s time to let my guard down a little.

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Daily Draw

It seems like I’m asked to look at my life closely. Today’s card is Eight of Swords – Rapunzel. Yesterday, the theme was taking on too much and this time the theme is feeling trapped. These two cards are a very good reflection for how I’ve been feeling at work recently. The tale of Rapunzel makes me wonder whether I should carry on being so passive about it all. Maybe it’s time to take a few positive steps to change the situation.

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